Learn to sew and grow your skills #Sewingwithtess (Age 7 +). I have 15 years teaching and coaching experience, a master's degree in elementary education, and have owned and operated 50 Dresses by Tess Vigil since 2010. I love combining my passion for sewing and design with teaching. I've developed curriculum and taught summer camp programs to kids ages 6-14 in basic sewing, designing doll clothes, and fashion blogging.

  • Private Sewing lesson: 1-2 hours, 1-2 students age 7+. Hand sewing and machine sewing. Project ideas: a doll dress, pillow, pincushion, headband, apron, skirt or dress. Available as ongoing lessons or one-time event, like a birthday party. 1 student = $60/hour, 2 students = $80/hour Machines and materials included.

  • Adult Sewing Night (or Date Night): Two hours with two adults working on a project based on your interest and skill level. $150 for 2 hours (2 adults). Machines and materials included.


"I'm obsessed with Tess!! Tess brings out the best in everyone and has a natural gift working with children. She gave my daughter Odetta a one of a kind sewing lesson that included designing and making her very own dress. The final result was a beautiful dress that Odetta designed and sewed herself. The dress was unique and totally encompassed her personality and fashion aesthetic. Odetta has since fallen in love with sewing and fashion design solely based on her experience with Tess." -Heidi Estes

"Tess is the best!!" -Odetta Estes, 8 years old

"Tess can do anything!" -Azzo Estes, 7 years old

"I’d always flinched when my mother would bring out the sewing machine, for I knew the rest of the weekend would be spent with her increasingly frustrated by my clumsy fingers and frank disinterest in all things crafty. Years later, I needed a bag to take to regattas: I knew just what I wanted but couldn’t find it anywhere. I came to Tess with my idea, and she helped me make it a reality. Her great creativity, flair, and sense of fun made it easy for me to finally discover the deep satisfaction that comes from making something yourself." -Anne Strobridge

"I had the best time with Tess! She was fun to work with and I learned new techniques about sewing and clothing design. My experience with Tess opened my eyes to the world of fashion. I created a flowered skirt during my session and had the best time sewing something I still wear today! Tess is easy to work with and has the patience to make something incredible." -Crary, 12 years old

"Ms. Tess is a wonderful teacher.  She does really well on making her dresses.  I love the way they look. Sewing lessons are so fun.  She allows me to sew by myself on a sewing machine." -Melody, 10 years old

"50 Dresses is an amazing place for taking sewing lessons.  Ms. Tess will let me sew my own outfit so far I have sewn my skirt, my doll dresses, and hair accessories.  You can choose to bring your own sewing machine or even borrow one of hers.  Thank you Ms. Tess for teaching me how to be a great designer and for letting me use your materials." -Morgan, 12 years old

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